A Simple Meal Idea: Rice and Beans, Cereal and Dried Milk; Cookies for Desert

You can spend a lot of money on prepackaged meals they sell for backpacking. They taste ok, but it has been many years since I had any on the trail.

I didn’t really care for the cost of them ($4 to $6 dollars a dinner), but what finally ended my using them was more than once finding the wrappers stuffed under trees in the backcountry. I picked them up and packed them out.

My meals have stayed pretty much the same the last few years. I prefer a quick rice dinner with some tomato soup mixed in. I have found a rice and red beans mixture that tastes awful good. Once in a while I bring along some packets of tuna or salmon

I often carry along nuts for munching, and I bring oatmeal or dried cereal and some dried milk for my morning meal. I usually have some hot chocolate and cookies to finish off my meal, just before bedtime.

None of these things costs very much, and are things I have found at my local grocery store. When you are hungry from all day on the trail, rice and beans and hot chocolate and cookies for desert tastes downright delicious.

Thats the beauty of backpacking – it is an inexpensive hobby, once you have acquired your backpack and sleeping bag and tent and stove.

After that all you need is the food for your time on the trail. You would be spending some money on food even if you were at home.


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